My Name is Going to Mars

The thought of traveling into space sounds both thrilling and frightening. However, the idea of sending your name on a space flight to Mars aboard NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover is pretty exciting. And so I signed up earlier tonight (along with millions of other people in the U.S.) as part of NASA’s Send Your Name toContinue reading “My Name is Going to Mars”

An Actor From Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” Lived in My Neighborhood

Growing up in Charbonneau (just outside of Wilsonville, Oregon) was one of the happiest and most memorable times of my childhood in the 1990s. The carefree, innocent summer days of swimming at the community pool and going on bike rides down to the community convenience store are the memories one wishes to relive once again.Continue reading “An Actor From Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” Lived in My Neighborhood”